Eczema Be Gone: 5 Solutions To Combat Flare Ups And Irritations In The Summer Heat

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I was diagnosed with eczema at the tender age of 10 years old. I absolutely hated it. My skin was super sensitive and always itched. It was like the itch I couldn’t scratch. And to make matters worse, I was raised in the South. Humid, Georgia summers were the worst and my skin did not agree with them at all.

Like most, I grew out of my eczema and thought I was somehow “cured.” However, it came back. While for some, eczema is here today and gone tomorrow, mine wasn’t having it and so my life-long battle with eczema continued. As I got older I noticed my eczema would spread to certain areas of my body that it had never been before. As it was once restricted to the creases of my arms and the back of my legs, it spread to my lips one summer, and even my hands. Talk about going lipstick and lip gloss-less for the entire summer. I thought I was going to die.

After treating those uncommon flare ups myself I realized that the common-factor of my breakouts was the four- month stretch of summer. In the winter, my skin would be a little irritable, but nothing like compared to summer.

After tons of trial and error and experimenting with new products to keep new rashes from forming, I’ve created a sort of regiment for myself to keep flare ups at bay. If you yourself are suffering from eczema or know someone that is, check out these 5, wallet-friendly solutions to combat your flare ups during this time of year.

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