Watch: 6 Ways To Get Voluminous Curls Using Flexi Rods

flexi rod set

The last time I used flexi rods was in grade school. Never did I think those spongy, multi-color rods would become my go-to tool for hairstyling as an adult.

Last year, as a naturalista, I weened myself off of the creamy crack cold turkey, but flat irons were my crutch. I eventually came to realize that flatirons were not the end all be all for hair styling and found that tools like flexi rods give you the perfect heat-less curl with a bit of setting lotion and a dab of moisturizer for shine.

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Since reverting back to chemically-treated tresses, I’ve found flexi rods is not only great for natural gals but relaxed, too. Click through to watch several YouTubers (both natural and relaxed) show step-by-step how to achieve voluminous curls with this heatless technique.

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