7 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage When Rocking Weaves

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3. Add a net.

At this point I’m sure we’ve all heard of weave nets, if not, don’t fret. Weaving nets relieve tension and act as a barrier between your natural hair, the weave weft, and the sewing needle. It also makes washing your hair an easier task, as well as weave removal.

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4. Stay away from flatirons.

No good ever came from flatirons, ever. I wish someone would have explained this to me, but that’s why I’m here to share my experiences. If you must use a flatiron to keep your tresses straight and sleek try to use it on the lowest setting and lightly run it over your hair. Ladies, you should not be straightening your hair (especially your leave out in the crown and around your edges) everyday.  The result is the dreaded ‘B’ word. Yes, you guessed it, breakage!

5. Do not use glue.

Although it’s less of a burden on your pockets and a quicker installation, glue is one of the most damaging ways to apply extensions. A sticky situation that calls for tons of hairspray, breakage and, possibly, scissors is the end result.

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