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My Secret to Hair Parting: It’s All About The Pin Tail

Ciara cornrowsI’ll tell you what I can’t live without…MY PARTING COMB. I live for the parting, it’s not just any comb, it’s the one my hair (Jazzy) parts, and lays down for. You might be asking yourself, is there a difference between combs, and let me be the first to tell you,YES THERE IS. It’s all about the end of the comb in my opinion. So, let me break the difference down for you and identify which comb helps me reach my fullest parting potential.

Diane 9" Thick Rat Tail CombPlastic Rat Tail Comb
Plastic rat tail combs don’t do my parting justice. It is a popular comb, due to its inexpensive cost and availability, but for me, it’s like a distant cousin that I don’t care to talk to. The hair doesn’t break in the plastic’s path, it really just moves out of the way. Microscopically, the parts are not clean. For this reason alone, plastic rat tail combs have never been my style. They are, however, really good to use on other people, great for gifts because they are cheap, and a good back up when your main comb breaks. However, I can’t endorse it to being used any other time.

Diane 8.5" Steel Pin Tail CombPin Tail “Rat Tail Metal” Comb
This comb is actually the cousin of the rat tail comb.

If you’ve ever wondered how I get my parts so precise and clean, it’s the pin tail comb. Since returning back to my natural hair, I have only used the pin tail comb. It’s not just a comb, it is part of my Hair Styling Family. It’s been a part of all of Jazzy’s major milestones and continues to be a pillar in her everyday twisting life. Pin tail combs slice and dice my hair to perfection —  this comb actually coined the phrase.

I’ll never forget when my first pin tail comb broke. I actually had a memorial service for it, which was sponsored by Instagram. Several people came to pay their respects and we sent that pin tail comb off in style. Using this metal tip comb comes with a precaution: when you part, you must be careful. You could hurt yourself with the sharp point. I’ve done it a few times when I’m being lazy and it’s never fun. I drew blood one time, so don’t see this comb as a soft punk.

The secret to my parting has and will always be my pin tail comb. Sure. I still have to part my hair (which involves a mirror and 20/20 vision). But, with the pin tail comb as my guide, I know I’m giving my hair the best parting tool there is out today. If ever a fight between the Rat Tail vs. Pin Tail, you already know my winner, every time.

Your Choice
If you’re in the market for a parting comb, get one that you feel will work for you and your hair’s needs. The relationship your hair and the comb has will need to be solid. Test out exactly what type of combs work for you. Plastic or metal, this decision will make a difference in your style quality, so choose wisely. Then come back and let me know which one your hair likes. I always love knowing what side of the family my curl-friends are on, the plastic side or metal side..:)

— Diana Ramsey

(This article originally appeared June 1, 2015 on SistersWithBeauty.com)

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