Eyelash Perming Is A Thing


You can literally change anything about yourself. From plastic surgery to temporary add ons, you can do anything from changing your physical appearance to lengthening your hair or nails. And, now the most recent trending hack is perming your eyelashes. Yes, you can perm your lashes.

According to Style Blazer, there is a semi-permanent procedure that will elongate the hairs on your eyes. Having this done will eliminate the need for mascara and curlers. The process itself has been widely available since the early 2000s, but now it’s becoming a popular trend.

The three-step process is rather simple and much like getting a regular perm. First, an aesthetician will cover your lashes with an adhesive to set the curl before applying the perm formula. The formula sits for three to five minutes. The last step is applying a neutralizing solution and sits for another five minutes to set the perm.

You can get the procedure done for as little as $25. In total, it takes about 45 minutes and lasts for about three months.

Now that you know what this is, would you get your lashes permed? Sound off below.

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