Hype Chat: Brave Williams Talks ‘Fearless’ Debut, Creating Her Own Conditioner and More

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Hype Hair: Did doing R&B Divas help or hinder your music career?
Brave Williams:
  The fact that TV One thought enough of my talent and my story to want to put me on a platform with such accomplished women, with women that have put out lots of albums and women that have received awards — I was just honored to be on that platform with them being that I have never released a body of work before. Obviously, I came from the group and I gained a lot of my experience from that situation. But, as a solo artist, the television show definitely helped me expose my music to a broader audience and for that I’m super honored.

HH: Did it get hard at times?
I wouldn’t say hard, but in reality TV — because you’re moving on a set schedule —  it definitely adds pressure in the sense of like, if you and I [in real life] wanted to become friends we‘ll have the time to do that. Whereas on reality TV, everything’s moving so expeditiously fast you have to try to make those relationships relatively quickly. So that can add a particular pressure that I wasn’t expecting, but I was able to maneuver through it and show them who I was so it all worked out.

HH: If there’s another season, are you going to return?
I think I would, yeah. If they brought it back another season and wanted me to be apart of the franchise, I definitely think Brave would jump back in and do it again.

HH: Now that taping has stopped and you’re not with the women as much, who would you say you formed a real bond with?
I actually have a very unique relationship with each of the women. I talk to all of them even now, whether it’s through a text message or on the phone. When you do something like that, you do build a genuine relationship and I genuinely like them. I think each of them brings something different and they’re special in their own way.

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