Hype Chat: Adeea Rogers Shares Inspiration Behind International Natural Hair Meetup Day

International Natural Hair Meetup DayTalk about a hair takeover. Tomorrow (May 30), women from all over the world, from New York and Atlanta to Korea and Cameroon, will gather in celebration of their natural tresses for International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD).

The annual event was founded by Adeea Rogers in response to a lack of information and education on products and care for naturalistas to properly care for their hair. Now in its fourth year, INHMD has grown from a national to an international conversation in nearly 50 locations for women to share their hair stories and learn about techniques and products to help them in their hair journey.

We managed to catch up with Rogers to get some insight on this international affair!

Hype Hair: A member of our blogger network, Naturally Smitten, first introduced us to INHMD and we’re so excited to learn more! How did you get started?
Adeea Rogers
: I got the idea back in 2011 after attending a natural hair event in Atlanta. I came back home and started doing events in my city and started reaching out to other events already happening. I found that, regardless of the size of the area or where they were located, there were a lot of common needs. We were all trying to inform our people, help them and help ourselves. And, there was a real need for information and products. It made sense to connect us all together.

HH: How does INHMD fit into the growing natural hair movement?
AR: When we started, it was around the time that the discussions about whether natural hair is going to be fad or is here to stay were being started. To that point, we see it’s not a fad. It’s here to stay. People are not just doing it for style reasons. They are doing it for health reasons and for lifestyle reasons and as a true expression of themselves. Our own growth is very, very grassroots. It’s really grown organically and I’m really excited because people love it and share it with their friends.

HH: So, is it for more for newbies or longtime naturalistas?
AR: INHMD is not only for those that are newly natural. It’s for those who are considering it and just want to get some information about it, as well as for those who are more seasoned and who may already have staple products and their regimen is down pact.
I always tell my hosts that there is someone new coming into the natural hair community every day. So, where we have been in the community 2, 3, 4, 10, 20 years, there is someone who is just starting out and has no idea about the benefits of certain products, what ingredients to stay away from, how to read labels and the importance of diet on your haircare and growth and retention.

HH: What is the biggest takeway?
AR: One of the things we are so adamant about is education. We share with people what’s in their [swag] bag and how they can use those products. We also have lots of Q&As and panels and opportunities for people to ask questions.

HH: What do you think is the best part of the INHMD experience?
AR: INHMD is an amazing, infectious and loving environment for you to hang out with your curl friends and enjoy them and enjoy talking about something that you love and that you love about yourself – and that’s your hair!

Sponsored by Design Essentials, the 2015 International Natural Hair Meetup Day takes place Saturday, May 30 around the world. Rogers will be attending an event in Hampton Roads, VA, while Hype blogger Naturally Smitten will be participating in Columbus, OH. With nearly 50 official host events on deck this year, there is sure to be one in your area.

Visit nnhmd.com for more details and a complete list of participating cities.

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