Hair Guru Tymothe Wallace Dishes On The Secret To Zendaya’s Curls And Her Go-To Products

Zendaya & Tymothe Wallace

Photo Credit: Instagram/@tymwallacehair

HYPE HAIR: How did you get your start in the hairstyling industry?
TYMOTHE WALLACE: I actually stumbled into it. I’ve always had a fascination for hair, but never saw myself doing it.

HH: We love the styles you do for Zendaya. What’s it like working with her and how did you meet?
TW: Thank you. My relationship with Zendaya actually came about with the help of her stylist Law Roach. Working with Zendaya is like putting a chameleon in different atmospheres. Zendaya is such a fun person to work with. I’m kind of obsessed, because she’s never afraid to change her look and go outside the box.

HH: Zendaya has become such a trendsetter when it comes to her hairstyles. How does it feel to be a big part of that?
TW: Zendaya is always switching things up with her hair, so it feels really good to be a part of that and to see my work be such a topic.

HH: We love how you switch up between wigs and extensions. Tell us about that.
TW: We’ve experimented with some super cropped wigs, bobs, long styles, textures and a little color. I plan to experiment more with color in the near future. This generation is obsessed with convenience — and what is more convenient than wigs and hair extensions when it comes to changing your hair?

HH: How do you decide on red carpet styles for Zendaya? Do you collaborate on ideas, or does she just go with what you create?
TW: It all depends on the occasion. Her stylist Law and I sometimes collaborate, as well as Zendaya and I. Or, we all come up with ideas. Sometimes, they have a look already set and I just have to execute it.

HH: How do you care for her natural hair?
TW: Zendaya has a natural wavy texture of hair, so when she’s not filming her show or on the carpet, she usually wears it natural with minimal to no heat on her hair, and shampooing and conditioning regularly with trims every six to eight weeks. Garnier Fructis is one of her favorite at-home products, and I recommend all of my clients to use It’s A 10 Leave-In. It’s my favorite product.

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