Mom Creates First Natural-Haired Angelica Doll To Inspire Kids, Celebrate Natural Beauty

angelicadoll - hypehair
Barbie is cool and all, but this new “Angelica Doll” is definitely cooler.

We all remember at some point going to the store as a kid and the shelves being stocked with dolls donning blonde hair and blue eyes. Apparently, the dolls that had creamy chocolate complexions like myself were few and far between. And, not to mention, the doll’s silky smooth hair never really correlated to my own naturally kinky curls. While, I’m not sure if that had any effect on me as a kid, I am thankful that young girls these days will grow up knowing their worth – inside and out.

In a society where the standards of beauty have been etched in stone, the Angelica Doll aims to inspire and motivate young, black girls that they are naturally perfect regardless of what society says is beautiful.

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Angelica Sweeting, mother of two, created the doll after her daughter Sophia was unhappy with her kinks and curls. The young girl had begun expressing that she wanted “long straight hair” and showed a “strong dislike for her facial features and skin tone.”

In an effort to help her daughter’s self esteem and many other young girls that have had these same feelings, “The Angelica Doll” dons a beautiful brown face, a full nose, fuller lips, beautiful check bones, brown eyes, and best of all, 18 inches of natural hair that can be washed, twisted, curled and everything in between.

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