10 30-Day Fitness Challenges to Get You Summertime Fine

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If you’re reading this most likely you did not turn your winter gut into a summer butt as you promised yourself you would. You’re probably like me and really tried hard to workout in the winter but blew it off for another day, because you had so many months until summer. However those days you blew off turned into weeks then months and now you’re trying to figure out how to cram six months of fitness one month before summer begins.

And now, you’re here.

You’re ready to buckle down, sweat off those 5-10 pounds, tone your body, and have a Kim K butt (without the surgery). And because fitness-forward instructors know not everyone will workout throughout the year, they’ve comprised various 30-day challenges to aid in your summertime fine journey. From guts to glutes, flip the page to check out 30-day challenges that if you stick to them faithfully, they are sure to get you into shape for the summer. 

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