3 Reasons Why Detangling Butter Is A Natural Girl’s Best Friend

natural curly hair detangle brush

“I love detangling my hair,” said no one ever, especially myself. Just call me a lazy natural, if you will.

One year into my natural hair journey and I still loathe wash day, which is why my hair has been in protective styles for most of the time as I patiently wait for my relaxer to fully grow out  — or until I can no longer stand battling with the two textures. I could spend an hour detangling my hair before washing it, finally get around to washing it, and by the time I applied conditioner to my mane, it is a tangled, matted mess. Hence, my love/hate relationship with wash day.

But, I think I’ve turned a new chapter in my journey of embracing my natural curl pattern – thanks to detangling butter.  After a month-long stint of wearing crochet braids, it was time to try and tackle wash day once again, au naturale – no foundation braids from crochet braids or a sew-in to ease the difficulty. Nope just my good ole transitioning tresses. With a stock full of untouched Motions products in my room, I rummaged through the line I received from the company for their new “Natural Textures” line. Crazy enough, I’m that transitioning girl that hasn’t fed into the hype of breaking my bank for every product that is “so-called” geared towards natural hair because someone on YouTube or Instagram swears by it.

Basically, if I’m compelled I’ll buy it and give it a try. But, I grabbed the Enhance & Define Pre-Wash Detangling Butter from Motions and ventured off to my bathroom for yet another chronicle in my natural hair journey which I’ve since dubbed “conquering wash day.”

After applying a little water and a handful of the detangling butter to my tresses, I was surprised that this time around my wash day was going better than planned – fantastic, actually. From start to finish, I was able to detangle, wash, condition, and detangle some more thanks to Motions’ detangling butter.

Whether you’re a transitioning gal like myself, or clocking double digit years as a natural chick, I now have three great reasons why detangling butter is a natural girl’s best friend.


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