9 Benefits of Having A Glass of Lemon Water Each Day

lemon-water-benefits-hypehairEvery week, there’s a new study about some food or product that can improve our health, beauty or quality of life. I hear them just as often as you do, but they often go into one ear and out of the other because, let’s face it, not everything works. Recently though, I’ve been trying to make lemon water a bigger part of my diet after hearing of all of its great health and beauty benefits. I’ve always known that lemon water was great for you, but I’ve never made it a regular enough habit for me to actually reap the benefits.

Experts suggest that the best time to consume your glass of lemon water is when you first wake up in the morning. It should be lukewarm or room temperature so that your body can use it right away. So far, making this an everyday habit has been super easy.

Believe it or not, drinking an entire glass of lemon water in the morning is not only an easy task, but also a refreshment. You almost begin to crave the taste. Below, find 9 benefits a daily glass of lemon water can have on your body and beauty. Maybe this is something you, too, can add into your regimen.

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