Hype Chat: Sherri Shepherd Speaks To Our Inner Diva, Shares Inspiration For New Wig Collection

Sherri ShepherdEmmy-winning television personality and actress Sherri Shepherd has a great love for all things hair, especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful and stylish wig. As a woman who spends many of her days in front of a camera, Sherri enjoys the convenience of changing and experimenting with her look on a whim. So, she decided to create her own wig line.

Her LUXHair Now collection features 12 wigs in various lengths and styles, ranging from short pixie cuts to long and luxe looks. We caught up with Shepherd to chat about the inspiration behind the line, her favorite looks from the collection, wig styling tips and more.

Hype Hair: What inspired you to start your own wig line?
Sherri Shepherd: I can remember being a little girl and hearing all the commotion in my house from my mom, aunts, and grandmother when picking out their wigs for the day. It was such a good time for them and was a major part of their everyday beauty routines. Ever since then, I’ve watched the women in my household glow with confidence because they would customize their look day-by-day through the use of faux hair. My grandmother had a wig that she would pick out and wear perfectly with specific hats. My mother had an Angela Davis ‘power to the people’ wig.

Watching these iconic women in my life pair their hair lengths, styles and colors with particular hats, outfits, and personalities was exciting! Getting ready to go out was like an event in and of itself. Wigs are the perfect way for the inner-diva in all women to come out and get creative.

HH: Tell us about your LuxHair Now wig collection.
SS: LuxHair Now by Sherri Shepherd is a high-fashion wig and extension collection. I always say, you were born with the hair you’ve got – now get the hair you want. Short and sassy, long and sexy or curly and fierce; you can easily change your hairstyle and transform your whole look to fit whatever your day brings. The collection provides the look you want, the style you want and the perfect accent to make a personal style statement, now. I am constantly changing up my look and can be seen daily wearing my wigs.

HH: What are your personal favorite styles from the collection?
SS: I love my Curl Intense Lace Front Wig. This is my homage to my Latina sisters. It’s a really full wig. I can rock it at work but I can wear it to the club, too. It’s very lightweight. On QVC, we just launched a new style called the LuxHair Now Feather Lite Shag Wig, which is loaded with layers. This mid-length shag adds fashion excitement with flipped, textured ends throughout. A quick shake right out of the box, and this cool, comfortable cut is ready to wear. This modern style will make you look like a true trendsetter! Lastly, the Clip-In Bang is great for when you’re just adding a little something different to a casual pony tail look or want to go for more drama by adding bangs to an up-do. It’s the best new go-to hair accessory.

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