Cast Of WE tv’s ‘Cutting It: In The ATL’ Shares Hair & Business Advice

Cutting It In The ATL: Maja Maja

Advice for a new salon owner: The best advice I’d give any new salon owner is to treat your business like a business. The salon industry is a very relaxed environment and lines can get blurred very quickly with staff so it’s up to you as the owner to set the tone and maintain professionalism at all times. A basic policies and procedures manual is a MUST!

On Weaves: If you wear extensions the best advice we give our customers is to come in for maintenance. Just because the weave is still tight after two months doesn’t mean you need to leave it installed any longer than that. Your scalp needs to be cleaned thoroughly, your natural hair shampooed and conditioned. Neither can be done if your hair is braided and stitched down, so 10 weeks is as long as I recommend if you truly care about the health of your hair.

That’s why my salon concept has grown so quickly. Women no longer have to pay $300 for an install therefore they can afford to maintain their hair without breaking the bank. Last, the biggest myth is that weaves take out your hair. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s how you maintain and care for your hair during the install that will determine that.

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