Hype Chat: Gospel Artist Tasha Cobbs Captivates With Her Powerful Voice And Down-To-There Hair

Tasha Cobb

Hype Hair:  For those that may not know you, what song should they hear that would make them automatic fans?
Tasha Cobbs: “Break Every Chain” is a song that ministers to the heart of everyone, no matter their physical, spiritual or emotional state.

HH: Your music is obviously moving, what’s the most touching response you’ve gotten from a fan?
I can’t say that any one in particular is my favorite. They all bless me in so many ways. Each time I hear of someone being healed, freed, or just experiencing God supernaturally through my music, it gives me motivation to keep moving forward.

HH: What made you decide to record your albums live and let your fans witness the recording of your projects?
TC: I recorded my last album Grace live in Montgomery Alabama with a crowd of about 2,000 people. I’m a worship leader so it always makes the moments easier to document when I’m literally standing in front of a crowd of worshippers.

With my latest project, One Place Live, I was really intentional about having a strong social media presence with the marketing, because the sound of “3000 worshippers” was what I wanted to document. That presence sparked the interest of about 5,000 worshippers from around the world and it’s definitely a heavenly sound. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

HH: From being a team pastor at your church to a Grammy-winning recording artist, probably require much attention and commitment. How do you manage to devote your time to both positions?
I am an avid believer in the scripture that says the faithful will be rewarded by God. Every place where I serve in ministry, be it at my local church, or on a stage in front of tens of thousands of people, I make it my purpose to be faithful! I believe in giving; of my time, my energy and my resources. I believe that because I’ve chosen to live a sacrificial life, god has chosen to bless me abundantly.

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