Beauty Blogger Told “Lose The Braids Or Lose The Job”

Popular South London beauty blogger Simone Powderly was recently asked to take out her box braids by a recruitment agency because their clients “go for a more natural look”. She said she was shocked, ultimately refused — and didn’t get the job.

BBC interviewed Powderly, along with Irene Shelley, editor of Black Beauty and Hair, Amina Lawal from Amina Kadia hair and employment lawyer Anna Birtwistle, about the allegations and weighed in on whether an employer can define what natural hair is and perceptions surrounding black hair.

“Afro hair is what grows out of your head,” said Shelley. “People are saying your hair texture isn’t good enough, you have to do something about it before we take you on.”

The agency, Elite Associations, said it’s currently investigating the allegations.

Press play above to watch the full interview.

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