Beauty Dupes: Affordable Alternatives To Pricey Products

money-dupes-hypehairBeauty products are expensive. And let’s face it, most of us don’t have it like that. If you’re a true beauty product junkie, by now you’ve probably found a way around paying full price for anything. But, many of us are still scrimping and saving trying to afford the latest high end beauty must-haves.

Well, you don’t really have to buy high end to get the look you want and deserve. Of course, there are some high end products that we’re hooked on and can’t be replaced. That’s understandable. To us, they are very much worth the money we fork up. But, what about the products that you can’t even figure out why they cost so much in the first place? Those are the ones we should begin to replace.

In fact, we could probably cut your beauty bill in half by finding a worthy, great quality dupe of your faves. Click through for the ones we have discovered so far.

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