Press Play: 6 YouTube Hair Gurus You Should Know

YouTube Hair GurusLadies, gone are the days of scouring the streets of your neighborhood for the best hairstylist.

With the click of a mouse, the hair salon comes to you with added tutorials and tips on everything hair-related thanks to a handful of gifted ladies who the internet have deemed YouTube hair guru’s. These gifted individuals who keep a rat tail comb and a weave weft handy have become the saviors of many stuck in a hair rut, low on cash or interested in learning to do their hair on their own and need an alternative to costly hair salon.

In dire need of a hair pick me up? Grab a snack, hop on your couch, and tune into the digital sphere of hair that we know of as YouTube. While your at it, check out these six YouTube gurus we’re sure you’ll love.

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