Felicia Leatherwood Answers All Your Natural Hair Questions In “Head Cases” Web Series

Felicia Leatherwood

Felicia Leatherwood

YouTube has become the unofficial go-to guide for everything you need to know about natural hair. There are endless videos of women on very detailed natural hair journeys, beauty junkies who can tell you what to buy because they’ve tried it, and hair enthusiasts who give you step-by-step instructions for attaining any style you want.

Now, YouTube has gotten even better since Issa Rae, also known as Awkward Black Girl, and celebrity hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood, teamed up to add Head Cases, a natural hair web series to the list of must-watch videos.

Head Cases, which debuted this past December, is like the Iyanla’s Fix My Life for hair! Leatherwood, who also executive produces the show, is invited into the homes of her clients who are struggling with their kinks, coils and curls for one-on-one hair therapy sessions. No subject seems to be off limits for Leatherwood. Even sensitive topics like how your mate feels about your natural hair journey are tackled. She also explores her clients emotions and how they are tied into their hair choices.

Although this series is only four episodes in, I can see its great potential.  Click through to watch the first four episodes of the season, including the opener, where Leatherwood helps her client Apryl start over.


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