Beauty Fix: 11 Highlighters To Help You Get Your Glow On

highlightWe all yearn for naturally radiant skin, but the weather and stresses of life take a toll on our skin, causing us not to glow like we wish to. Water and a good beauty regimen can help long term, but sometimes, we have to give our skin a little help. Fortunately, highlighters and illuminators can help make the bare face look look anything but bland. And, with the growing popularity of contouring and highlighting, finding the products you need to get the glow you want is easier than ever.

Companies have created several easy-to-use highlighting products that can take you from dull to radiant in a few strokes. You have several options that can come in handy, especially during the summer when you may not want to wear a full face of pore-clogging foundation.

First, take a look at the diagram above to see just where you are supposed to highlight your face depending on your face shape. Then click through to check out 11 highlighters that both beginners and self-proclaimed experts can use to get that glow.

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