Woman Paralyzed After Using Her Friend’s Makeup Brush


27-year-old Jo Gilchrist is now confined to a wheelchair, for what doctors are saying will be the remainder of her life, after contracting a staph infection from her friend’s makeup brush.

The Australian mother started feeling pain in her back on Valentine’s Day and it rapidly got “worse than childbirth,” she told the Daily Mail Australia. She soon lost all feeling in her lower body and was airlifted to a hospital in Brisbane for emergency surgery.

Gilchrist believes she contracted a drug-resistant strain of staph called MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) from using a friend’s makeup brush to hide a pimple.

‘The only thing we can put it down to is the makeup brush,” she said. “My friend did have a staph infection on her face and I was using her brush just before. I had no idea that could even happen, I used to share with my friends all the time.”

Doctors said the infection damaged her spine and, while she’s undergoing intensive treatment for it, she may never walk again.

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