Cover Story: Cynthia Bailey Talks Hair & Beauty, Weaves And More

Cynthia Bailey

Is there any particular style that you would like to try that you haven’t yet?

In a few years—like 10 years—I plan on shaving my head bald, and letting my hair grow back baby virgin fresh. By then, I will have tried every hairstyle imaginable, and will be over it! I see myself with a short natural at the end of my hair journey.

Your skin is absolutely flawless! Can you take us through your skin care regimen?
At night, I wash my face with a facial cleanser and then I follow up with a toner to prevent pimples. I alternate between using a toner and an astringent depending on the condition of my skin. I use a heavy nighttime moisturizer for skin hydration and to prevent wrinkles. I use an eye cream and a skin exfoliator every day and I get a facial once a month. My favorite skin care brands are Kiehl’s, Origins, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena and Clarisonic.

What are some of your top beauty must-haves?
Tweezerman or Mehaz tweezers, a lash curler, L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black, Iman Bronzing Powder, makeup wipes, lip gloss and lip balms, Visine Eye Drops for red eyes, Nars Concealer, Lavanila Laboratories Fragrance and Body Lotions in Vanilla Blackberry, black eyeliner, Black Opal Translucent Powder and oil blotting sheets.

Weaves and wigs are bigger than ever these days. How do you feel about these styling methods?
I love weaves, wigs and extensions because I am forever changing my hairstyles. I look at hair as an accessory. I change my hair more than I change my jewelry. Wigs are my favorite because when they are cut and styled well, they are the quickest way to change your look. And you can take them off at night! It is extremely important to
try to keep your own hair healthy between and during wearing weaves and extensions. I always wear wigs when I am taking a weave break. I definitely see a Cynthia Bailey wig line in the near future.

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