Juice it! 5 Ingredients For Hair Growth

Green SmoothieIn many homes, the traditional breakfast meal is being replaced with healthy juices and smoothies, especially for those on the go. Though juicing has been around for ages, social media pages that focus on health and fitness have brought the smoothie to an entirely new popularity level. There are several pages that focus only on recipes and how they benefit our health. The follower count for these accounts are proof that we are tuning in.

This is great news because at the center of most of the recipes are healthy fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts that we all need to live long, happy lives. There seems to be a juice or smoothie for everything. Healthy heart, great immune, weightless to mention a few, but there’s also a smoothie recipe that many praise for it’s abilities to speed of the growth and health of hair.

I know that got your attention. Yes, there is a recipe that promotes healthy natural hair and skin. But why? What is it in this juice that can mean better hair for you.

Look below at a breakdown of all the ingredients and a better understanding of just why a smoothie is also a beauty secret. Stock your fridge with these items and see if that combination also works for you.

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