Touched By Tokyo: The Wig Guru Talks Instagram Success, The Key To A Perfect Wig And Future Endeavors

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Hype Hair: Tokyo, tell us about yourself and how the Touched by Tokyo movement began.
Toyko Stylez:  I’m a hairstylist specializing in wigs. The Touched by Tokyo brand began nearly 3 years. I started off making wigs for cancer patients, and other clients that were suffering from hair loss. I took my talents to social media and right before my eyes, I had become this well-known hairstylist. It’s crazy now of how fast it all happened.

HH: Where does your passion and love for hair stem from?
TS: My love for hair started very young, 11-years-old to be exact. I didn’t really start doing hair on a consistent basis until my mother was incarcerated and I had to take care of my younger sister. I started doing her hair, and that’s how I really found my passion for hair and I stuck with it ever since.

HH: What were some of the first styles you tried out on your sister?
TS: I remember telling my sister, “Girl, your hair looks crazy,” and I made her sit down and I French braided her hair. That was actually the first hairstyle I learned, too. I continued to do hair and learn different techniques, and by the time I was 16, I did my first weave.

HH: Did you have any formal training from a school or were you self-taught?
TS: It was all self-taught. I’d pick up things here and there from my grandmother when I was younger. She used to do my relatives’ hair and I would watch, but other than that I learned everything on my own.

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