The Truth About Your Pores

no-pores-hypehairThere are many ways to describe them, but pesky is the first word to come to mind when describing my pores. Although a necessary part of our skin, they can make our face a real headache to deal with.  TV and magazines will present you a women with pore-less, flawless skin, but, it’s likely they have visible, pesky pores much like you and I.  I would also be willing to bet that they sometime stress about them as well.

I always thought I knew everything there was to know about pores, but later found out most of the things I thought were facts, were nothing more than long-time myths. While there seems to be no magical dust to rid us of visible pores, educating ourselves about the needle point nuisances may make the a little easier to deal with.

If you too are in the dark when it comes to the tiny holes in your skin, keep reading. This list may help you learn the truth about your pores.

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