Is Katy Perry’s Gelled Baby Hair Cultural Appropriation?

katy perry baby hairs
Baby hairs are steadily becoming a real trend in the fashion and Hollywood world. From catwalks to the red carpet, this throwback 90’s trend ladies like LeToya Jackson, Chili and Missy Elliott made a hot commodity seems to be losing its authenticity.

Nowadays, designer labels like DKNY and Givenchy are taking the style made cool by black culture to the runway, with many paler pigments rocking the eccentric ‘do. Most recently, pop super star Katy Perry opted for this look while at the Givenchy A/W 2015 show during Paris Fashion Week and stirred a pretty large buzz.

Yet, this isn’t the first time Perry debuted the so-called “ghetto fabulous” hairstyle. Just this summer she rocked rainbow-colored top knots and bleach blonde brows with gelled baby hair and started a complete shady mess with the Twitter-verse, with many deeming her look as an act of cultural appropriation – the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group who may eventually become the new face of said cultural practices.

While Perry is known to put on a show and channel many different cultures, her good intentions of the interpretation continue to fall short. Or at least in our eyes they do.

Ladies, what are your thoughts? Does Katy Perry’s gelled baby hair get a pass or nah?

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