Mane Attraction: 17 Times Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers’ Blonde Locs Were

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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of multicultural style haven The Fashion Bomb, Claire Sulmers is, simply put, everything.
This fashion blogger not only turns heads on the style scene, but gets plenty of stares for her signature blonde locs. Since she started locing her hair back in her college days, she has prided herself on her regal look, once dishing to Essence, “With my hair, my style is really about just celebrating what makes natural hair unique… natural hair is beautiful. The bright hair with dark skin always turns heads.”
From funky updos to coily curls, Sulmers explores the versatility of her natural mane with her New York-based hairstylist, Sammy LaCombe. And not to mention Clair doesn’t only pride herself on a laid mane but she also takes hair care seriously. With such a high maintenance color like blonde, Claire doesn’t skimp on visits to the hair salon. Actually, she’s there every week getting a color touch-up, a good ole’ shampoo and style and a protein treatment when necessary, which runs her nearly $500 a month. Yes ladies, the price of the perfect ‘do can cost a pretty coin, but then again who would ever compromise the health of their hair?
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