Toya Wright and Reginae Carter Talk Hair Care and Anti-Bullying

reginae carter 5 - hypehairHype Hair: Reginae, you have a new clothing line that is exclusive to with Served Fresh. Can you tell us about it?
Reginae Carter:
It’s called ShutUp Collection by Reginae Carter. It’s centered on taking a stand against adversity and a no bullying campaign that I am spearheading.

HH: Of all clothing lines, why Served Fresh to promote your new movement?
Served Fresh is a brand that is fueled by passion to raise awareness in our community ,so I felt like this would be the perfect collaboration. They have really dope pieces. I just knew that with their background with social and cultural topics, it was the best match.

HH: What made you decide to focus on bullying, and why is it important to you?
There is a lot of bullying going on and I wanted to spread the word out to people and aid in silencing it. I thought a clothing line would be the best way to represent it because it makes a powerful statement without being too serious. Many kids don’t have the voice or the platform to make a change or a difference, so I am speaking for those who are afraid to take a stand.

HH: Have you personally battled with bullying?
Growing up, I was never was bullied but I have had people say mean things about me. Who hasn’t? Honestly, it comes with the territory of having parents in the spotlight. In my opinion, social media doesn’t make things any better because it breeds negativity. People will leave nasty and mean comments on my photos saying either I’m fat or ugly, but I am confident in myself and am able to rise above it all.

HH: So, tell me about the ShutUp Collection. What offerings do you have?
Just like the bold and powerful statement I am making about anti bullying, ShutUp is a super fun collection comprised of bright colors and trendy styles. Right now, with it being winter we have really dope sweatshirts, t-shirts, and crewnecks that have the zippered face logo on them.


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