Did Elle Varner Dye Her Hair Blonde?

elle-varner-hype-hair-blondeLast night (Jan. 15), Elle Varner popped up on Instagram with a honey blonde ‘do that sent a few #TeamVeezy fans into cardiac arrest. Minutes after the naturally curly girl shared her new look, comments spanned from calling out her resemblance to Faith Evans to questioning if she was rocking a wig.

misunderstood_aries: “I really wish you would have kept it black. Black on you looks classy, sophisticated, & sexy!!”

real_goal_digga: “You are beautiful as a blonde”


But before debuting her new brightly-colored coif, she teased, “I wonder if blondes have more?” Apparently so, since the jazzy chanteuse hit the town with model Shaun Ross and jewelry designer Seville Michelle.

“You can’t limit your self expression for fear of what others may think,” she said via Twitter, obviously addressing some of the backlash. There’s no question that blonde hair is currently on-trend, but does it fit perfectly imperfect singer?

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