#WeAreBlackHistory: Leading Black Bloggers and Influencers Re-Imagine Black Icons

we are black history - hypehairLots of amazing things are happening during the annual observance and celebration of Black History Month. 

Today (Feb. 11), ELLE.com jumpstarted the month’s remembrance of important people in the African American community by debuting the #WeAreBlackHistory photo series, which features some of the leading digital influencers including natural hair vlogger Taren Guy, feminist blogger and activist Feminista Jones and Ebony.com Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux.

Created to honor black history and foster a sense of unity among powerful black women voices in the digital space by Style Influencers Group, the #WeAreBlackHistory photo series has gone viral. Each image pays tribute to a legend who made an undeniable and tangible impact on our history with their words and actions. In this powerful editorial campaign, you can see the digital influencers take on powerful renditions of black historical icons.

As an added bonus, each classic hairstyle was sponsored by True Indian Hair!

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