5 Best Brushes and Combs to Detangle Your Hair With Ease

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I must give a round of applause for the ladies that subscribe to #teamnatural because the maintenance to keep unprocessed hair happy and healthy is a challenge.

Detangling might be the most annoying and time consuming routine of being natural. So much so that I began to loathe washing my hair because detangling seemed unbearable, an experiment that resulted in unsightly split ends and breakage. I’d spend hours sitting in my bathroom tugging at my head trying to get my comb through my thick, transitional strands. At one point, I even remember succumbing to my impatience and snipping a huge chunk of my hair off because the knot of hair I was steadily combing through was becoming a bigger, untamable mess.

Like many, I sought out YouTube to repress my stress towards detangling, which actually became an even bigger stress when I was greeted with hundreds of detangling videos dedicated to natural hair. But my determination to conquer the process pushed me forward, watching a handful of videos daily and taking notes on each person’s tips.

Til this day, detangling is still a task for me but I manage to deal. After all, I’m the formerly relaxed girl who had a standing, bi-weekly hair appointment at the salon, so learning to do my own hair in addition to learning how to manage a new texture was tough.

Whether you’re newly natural or a pro, no one knows everything there is to know about natural hair. It’s really just about learning what works best for your own. If detangling is a sore spot for you too, check out 5 of the best brushes to detangle your hair.

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