Makeup Wipes: Friend or Foe?

neutrogena-makeup-remover-hype-hairLet’s face it: makeup wipes are a lazy girl’s guide to makeup removal. Rather than using a cleanser and water to get the job done, we’d rather lie in bed and grab a makeup wipe thinking that we’re removing all of the junk off of our faces.

And yes, I was that girl.

In most instances, after a long night of partying, I would opt for quick and easy makeup wipes (anything to skip out on the cruddy, communal bathrooms). They became my go-to… until I noticed a difference in my skin.

But with my combination skin that is extremely oily in the summer and dry come the winter, these wipes did a number on my sensitive mug. The alcohol in the wipes is too strong, ultimately sucking my pores dry and leaving my skin feeling hard as a rock the next morning. And have you ever noticed that slightly sticky feeling of residue? Such a turn off when you expect your skin to feel squeaky clean and refreshed.

So after a few pimples sprouted as a result of using the wipes, I decided that plain old soap and water was my simple solution to skin routine. While my other friends swore by makeup wipes I realized they just were my skin’s mortal enemy.

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