6 Ways to Maintain Your Beauty on a Snow Day

naturalme4c-curlyfro-hypehairFor a native southerner, I’m surviving the New York winter like a true champ.

Surprisingly it hasn’t been that cold this winter. At the first sight of snowfall, my first reaction was like a kid in a candy store since I was working from home, far away from the elements. I wasn’t too concerned about attire, but the next day I was overcome with indecisiveness about how to look fab in the snow, turning my usual hour-long routine of getting dressed into a two-hour Broadway production. As prepared as I thought I was for the winter weather, what in the world was I going to do with my hair and makeup so that the snow, sleet, and rain wouldn’t wreak havoc?

If you happen to be faced with the same dilemma too, check out 6 ways to keep your hair on fleek and your face beat on a snow day.

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