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Dear Celebrity: So You Wanna Dye Your Hair Grey, That’s Cute & All But…

toya-wright-grey-hair-hypehairHere we go again! Another season of fabulous hair trends and of course grey hair is leading the pack. This time the trend’s Internet buzz is driven by Toya Wright (she’s Lil’ Wayne’s first baby mama for those who are having a much warranted brain fart).

When I first saw this picture (on repeat via Instagram) I’ll admit, I thought it was kinda dope. A good Beyonce wave simply delights my inner diva. And I honestly feel that if you’re confident in your being you can pull off any hair color. But of course since I am naturally grey (a fact that I have to prove every time I leave my house because celebrities dye their hair and now people don’t believe it can be real), I have a rant that I’ve been sitting on since Rihanna first broke the Internet with her dingy ass grey weave.

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