Negative Space Nail Art Designs You Should Try

nails-hypehairThe true beauty of nails is the versatility in the way we cover them. Through designs and art, we can constantly showcase our individual personalities. While nail art is ever changing, one style stands out among them all, and this year, negative space has the nail art game on lock!

I would bet if you walk into a nail salon today, you’re sure to hear women requesting that their favorite manicurist incorporate a little negative space into their design. Art enthusiasts already know that negative space is simply the space that surrounds an image. Fortunately for you, some of the looks are pretty easy to achieve at home with a little nails tape and polish.

Below you’ll find 12 negative space nail designs you should try. There are a few designs you may can DIY, while others may need a somewhat seasoned nail artist to achieve. Either way, the popular technique is growing in popularity and going nowhere fast, so you have plenty of time to participate in the seasons hottest nail trend. Click through the list below to for design inspiration.

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