9 Books Every Black Woman Should Read

books-for-black-women-hypehairAt times it seems that reading for pleasure is a fading pasttime, but in reality, books and stories are the best way to tell our history and ensure that it doesn’t die along with us.

For years, you wouldn’t find a black woman grace the cover of your favorite magazine or on the runways of high fashion shows. But the essence of black beauty was told through stories, passed from generation to generation or written down with hopes they would be read and remembered for decades after.

For that reason, books, and the stories in them, should still be just as important to our culture today. So, whether it is encouraging you to have a healthy view of your brown complexion and coarse hair or narratives of the black women who created the products we still use today, they are all stories made up of facts we need to keep close. Here’s a list of 9 books we should all take the time to read.

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