Hair Story: Crochet Braids Are Back and Better Than Ever

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.11.19 AMNow, I know you’re asking why crochet braids. Aren’t they those hideous individual braids some of us wore as kids? Well, yes and no.

In 2015, crochet braids have gotten a serious upgrade. Just type in the hashtag #crochetbraids on Instagram and you’ll be wowed by the endless photos of crochet that mimic the natural look of a weave. It’s like a weave without breaking the bank.

As I scrolled for countless hours on the ‘Gram, I then took my new obsession to YouTube for some real research (we all know it’s not hot if the gurus of the ‘Tube aren’t speaking their truths on it). I was pleasantly greeted with pages of ladies professing their love for the protective style and its versatility and low cost.

With the natural hair craze at an all-time high, this style gives ladies a chance to experiment with African-African textures of hair like never before. Want a cool and eclectic kinky curly textured fro like Erykah Badu or Solange? No problem, just use Marley hair for your braids. Or maybe you adore the more tightly coiled curls that Beyonce, Teyana Taylor, and Kelly Rowland all rock? A few packs of Bohemian or Water Wave hair will have you turning heads everywhere you go.

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