Insane or Smart? Blogger Doesn’t Comb Her Hair For Two Years

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If we dared you to refrain from combing your hair for six months, what would you say? How about for two years? Well, one hair blogger was down for the challenge

In a recent vlog, Bootyfurl reveals that she avoids combing her tresses, but the results are the opposite of what’d you’d expect: her hair has still grown to her hips and she shows no sign of reverting to a comb anytime soon.

“It’s perfectly fine and it’s not like I have type two hair, I have type four hair,” she said, although she’s weary of the controversy her announcement may make in the natural hair community. She added that it’s “much simpler” to remove the tangles and knots by hand and easily slides her fingers through her lengthy hair.

Before the video is over, she gives a few reasons why she avoids combs. Her main reason is that it rips more hair out. Want to learn more about her hair and get techniques from her, follow her YouTube page and watch the video on the next page.

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