How to Protect Your Hair From Your Protective Style

protective-styling-hypehairThe purpose of protective styling is to give our hair a rest from daily manipulation, styling, heat and overall stress. Though in sharp contrast, protective styling can damage your mane if not done properly. There are so many protective styles to try, but before tackling them, we want to first make sure our number one goal, protecting our hair, is what we will actually accomplish.

The dark side of protective styling had never been a topic of concern for me before I got my own hair braided. I’m at an awkward stage in my natural hair journey, so it seemed like a pretty appropriate option, and thus far, it has been! But now that the time is nearing for me to remove my braids, I’m getting a little anxious about how my hair is holding up underneath.

If you’re running into the same issue, or plan on doing some protective styling soon, here are 6 tips you should take into consideration.

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