Hair Growth 101: Stimulating Your Roots

unnamedLet’s face it, most of us want healthy looking hair. Whether your hair is super short or super long, if it looks a hot mess, that’s never a good thing. Even though there’s a myth that some hair doesn’t grow, all of the hair on your head is constantly growing and in one of these three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen.

The anagen phase is also known as the growth phase. Up to 85 percent of the hair on your head is going through this phase at the same time. This part of the growth cycle will take anywhere from two to six years to complete. The best way to achieve your maximum growth, if that’s what you’re looking for, is to educate yourself on the growth process and to find the best products. In addition to that, scalp massages should be your new best friend. – Allyson Leak

Check out these steps to maximize hair growth:

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