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Get The Look: Eniko Parrish’s Sleek Style


To Get Eniko’s Sleek Look:

Start this look with a fresh blowout as straight and silky as you can get the hair. Make sure to protect the hair with a product like Argan Oil Heat Defense Smooth & Shine Polisher. Next, take small sections and flat iron the hair bone straight. You can choose to put a slight bend or curl at the ends depending on length.

Next, part your hair from ear to ear and clip the back section out of the way. Part a mohawk section (from the middles of each eyebrow) in the front and clip sides out of the way.

Take 1-inch horizontal sections and curl under with a 2-inch barrel curling iron. Cool and set curls by wrapping them around large velcro rollers or curl rods, hold them in place with duck bill clips. Spray with shaper or light hold hair spray.

Unclip hair in back section and comb or brush down. Smooth sides behind ear with brush and spray with hairspray or spritz to hold. Use 1-2 bobby pins if necessary. After curls have cooled and set for 5 minutes or more, unwrap hair from rollers. Take 2-3 of the center curls and slightly back comb, creating a base for the bump. Gently smooth and blend hair over and under the bump to create the desired look. Finish with hairspray to hold.

Makeup Tip:

For this natural look, brows are important. Check out my Brow Blog to whip your brows into shape!

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