New Wave: 10 Oils That Can Actually Help Your Facial Skin

natural-oil-sweet-almond-hypehairIt’s a common misconception that oil is bad for your facial skin. We’ve been told for years not to use oil because it will clog your pores and, in turn, cause your skin to breakout.

Again, this has proved itself to be a myth. In fact, the right oil can enhance your skin. The right oil, along with a healthy skin care regimen, can help your skin by preventing breakouts, overturn new skin cells to fade those pesky dark spots (is it just me or is that the worst part of acne?) and give you a dewy glow.

Oils that are derived from different parts of the world are now available to us and studies show they are being used now more than ever before. More and more women are realizing their benefits and putting them to use. Tiny bottles of natural oils are being sold for what may some may consider a steep price, and depending which type, this new wave can become quite expensive. But remember, the right oil for you and its benefits are worth it.

Sweet Almond Oil

A remedy for dark spots and also a natural way to clear dead skin cells. Sweet Almond oil is an anti-ager and mega moisturizer.

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