Classic Beauty: 10 Uses For Vaseline You May Not Know About

vaseline eyelashes longer hypehairVaseline has been around for generations and most of us still aren’t using it to its full potential. You’d be surprises by how many benefits you can get from such a simple product.

In most homes, the drugstore find is a staple. Classic! It’s one of those products that we tend to over look, but can always be found in the very back of our medicine cabinets. For about $4 a jar, It can tackle beauty issues that you have most likely spent time and money in attempts to resolve. So, before you run out to buy your next batch of makeup, creams and removers, first see if a swipe of good ol’ petroleum jelly will do the trick.

Take a look through the list of 10 uses for Vaseline you may not be taking advantage of.

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