Hype Chat: Tia Mowry Talks Son’s Haircare and Fully Embracing Her Natural Curls

tia-mowry-cree-hypehairHype Hair: What advice would you give to a new mom doing their child’s natural hair?

Tia Mowry-Hardict: Number 1: Don’t listen to what anybody else says. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they wish they never cut their son’s hair because they were so influenced by what everyone else thinks. Who made the rule that men should have short hair? You just have to listen to your child. For me, it was a bonding experience. Some people complain about time, but you have to make time just like you make time for yourself. Every Sunday, I comb out his hair.

HH: Does he enjoy it?

TMH: At first he didn’t. The key is making sure you find the right products. Get a really good hair detangler, and the proper comb. I use the wide tooth comb and the comb with the bristles. I also do a deep conditioner before I comb it out to soften his hair. I put on a really good movie and it has become a bonding moment for my son and I.

HH: Now what’s your hair routine?

TMH: If I’m having a busy day, I get in the shower, put in some conditioner and I go. I also like just pulling my hair all the way back or protection styles. If I want a blonde look or a jet black look, I’ll just put on a wig, braid my hair up under, and when I get home I’ll take it off and let my hair go. I’m into protection styles, Whether it’s braids or wigs or just letting my hair be free.

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A New York-based editor who's currently transitioning her hair to natural. Protective styles have now replaced all of her best friends...