Hype Chat: Tia Mowry Talks Son’s Haircare and Fully Embracing Her Natural Curls

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.37.32 AMHype Hair: That reminds me of a recent selfie you posted talking about being in love with your every crack, every mistake.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict: I’m older now. I’ve realized that now I don’t have time for anything that doesn’t benefit me in a positive way. I don’t have time for anything that doesn’t bring me joy, that doesn’t uplift me. I think being a mom you start to realize that. Your priorities change. It stems from me embracing who I am after becoming a mother. You start to realize to love yourself, embrace yourself. There’s only one you. If nobody likes it, bye Felicia!

HH: The natural hair process and maintaining your natural hair can sometimes be a step in that self-actualizing direction as well. What specific products do you use when you’re rocking your hair short and curly?

TMH: I’m using products that don’t have chemicals in them and come from as much of a natural state as they possibly can. I also like products that my son and I can both use. I’m a huge fan of leave-in conditioners and shampoos that help stimulate growth. Huge fan of coconut oil.

HH: We love coconut oil, too! Great conditioner.

TMH: When I was younger, I wasn’t embracing my natural curl. I would put all these gels and mousses in it––not anymore. When I actually do my hair, I wash it, put in a leave-in conditioner and I just go. I learned to fall in love with my curls again through my son.

HH: His curls are gorgeous. That loose, untamed look is great on him because you’re just allowing it to do what it wants to do. 

TMH: That’s part of what I’m learning. Embrace your curls and just letting it be what it is.

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