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3 Ways to Save Your Edges for the Winter

Keep-YOUR-Edges-300x200WINTER IS AMONG US.

Now what are you going to do about your #Edges?
It’s been a long time coming since you had to worry about something so critical to your health. During the summertime you probably spent your days trying to perfect your wash-n-go. But just like Sam Cooke a change gone come, and it’s in the form of Jack Frost with little to no love for edges. But what can you do?

During the cooler months, we start to adorn heavier fabrics, wrap ourselves like mummies then go out into our frosty realities. Before you do, I need you to consider the little people who can’t always defend themselves. That’s right, your edges or baby hairs. These poor babies are #HoldingItDown the best way they can, but you can’t forget to do your part. You want edges? Love the ones you have now and ensure you keep them through the winter. And of course I have 3 things you can do to hold onto your edges.

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