Hype Chat: Miss Ksyn Talks Touring With Beyonce, DIY Wigs & Why She’s The Go-To Makeup Girl

miss-ksyn-hypehair3Hype Hair: Tell me what your beauty and hair regimen was like for “On The Run” tour. I mean, with a tour of that magnitude, is all glam stuff taken care of by a team of folks?
Miss Ksyn: Well to everybody’s disbelief, that stuff is not taken care of for us. When we first start the tour, if the look is specific, they’ll get your hair done for you. That’s usually a part of Neal Farinah’s, Beyonce’s hairstylist, [responsibility]. But other than that, we mostly do our own looks. And then for the shows, we do our own hair and makeup for every single show.

HH: Ah, so you’re pretty much a makeup expert at this point.
MK: [Laughs] That’s what sort of started me doing my video makeup tutorials. I would tape myself doing my makeup for each and every show since it was an easier way to do the tutorials and still be like active with the fans. They may even catch Ashley Everett in my camera playing around behind me!

HH: So what was your favorite look on tour to create?
MK: When we did “On The Run,” it was basically just a cat eye and a red lip. That’s like the go-to dancer look. But my fave looks were from “The Mrs. Carter World Tour” because I changed my look every single show. I actually did the Brazilian flag colors for every show while we were in Brazil.

HH: And since your look has to change every show, I’m sure your hair goes through a lot too. 
MK: Well I mostly have full sew-ins installed with lace closures when I’m on tour, just so I’m not affecting my own hair because my hair is natural. If I tried to have any of it out it would be some straight hair and then a afro and that’s not going to be cute [Laughs].

HH: And the products you used to keep it cute?
MK: Organix Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Mist. It smells great and kept the hair moisturized. I had highlights so I wanted to make sure the hair stayed some type of moisturized and tangle free.

I also use this Dominican hair product called Silicon Mix. If i washed my hair, that was the leave-in conditioner I put in because it just restores the hair so well. So I would always have those two as far as hair was concerned. Oh, and edge control because you always need edge control.

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