Hype Chat: Miss Ksyn Talks Touring With Beyonce, DIY Wigs & Why She’s The Go-To Makeup Girl

miss-ksyn-hypehair5 Miss Ksyn isn’t your average wig- and makeup-loving dancer. Nope. She plays with it all while grooving next to international superstar, Beyonce.

Recently finishing up both of Queen Bey’s latest tours–”The Mrs. Carter World Tour” and “On The Run”–Ksyn is back to focusing on being a brand ambassador for It’s A Wig and building her own informative beauty empire with MissKsyn.com.

Although her mother enrolled the now 20-something-year-old into dance classes at the age of 5 to solely channel Ksyn’s hyper energy, the Bronx native used that short stint of training to eventually dance for some of music’s hottest acts and appear in film and TV.

So when did her love of makeup come in? “I was sort of a tomboy growing up, but once I got into like high school, I started playing around with eyeliners and using my mom’s lipstick,” she says. “Then I started doing beauty pageants and that’s really how it happened.”

We caught up with the cocoa-skinned dancing queen in to talk about how she maintains the quality of her wigs while touring with Beyonce, why she’s the go-to makeup girl for the other dancers (hi, Ashley Everett!) and why she’s equipped with a particular Dominican haircare product at all times. –Niki McGloster

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