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7 Instant Tips To Enhance Your Beauty & Stay #ForeverYoung

ty-alexander-gorgeousingrey-collageGetting gorgeous shouldn’t be a task and certainly shouldn’t take you hours to achieve. Trust me, I’m just turned 38 (clutch your pearls beauties, it’s true) and keeping my skin flawless is my main goal! It should be fun and easy–for heaven’s sake we’ve got shopping to do, right?

I’ve teamed up with Olay to save you a few headaches with 7 tips to look fab in minutes

1. Upgrade your beauty game: Invest in a great beauty cream (insert my new fave Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream) that will allow you to achieve beautiful, fresh and youthful skin. Step outside of your normal blah gloss and insert a hot red or vampy purple to your face. You’ll spend all day looking at your fresh renewed face and I’m sure a few heads will turn too!

2. H2O: The remedy to healthier skin is simple: Drink more water. Keep a water bottle filled at your desk so you remember to sip regularly. Trade out your daily coffee or soda for some delish herbal tea. Dehydration starts in your skin.

3. Shimmer: Bronzer is your bff. Add it to the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones and brow bone for a quick glowing beauty boost. This will definitely help hide the stress of the day.

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