3-Year-Old’s Selfless Act Goes Viral: “She Can Have Some Of My Hair”

ariana-smith-lock-of-love-hypehair2Ariana Smith isn’t attached to her hair at all.

The three-year-old daughter of Josh and Crystal Smith was watching her father play videos games for charity and decided to get in on the action.

“I do a charity called Extra Life where I play video games to help raise money for kids,” he told ABC News. “Ariana happened to be sitting on my lap when a video played showing a little girl who was bald, lying in a hospital bed with tubes in her.”

A week after Ariana showed curiosity and stated, “Oh, well she can have some of my hair,” she was sitting in a salon chair first her very first haircut to donate 10 inches of her hair to “Lock of Love.”

It’s pretty incredible to know a young child has such a huge heart. Click through the photos (courtesy of ABC News/Josh Smith) on the next pages to see Ariana’s selfless act. 

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